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From time to time, both the Association and the College get requests for help in tracing former pupils / possible former pupils. We're happy to do what we can but the Association holds no resource other than the collective memories of our Members. 

If you want to try, then please send an email to the web manager. We'll put the mail up verbatim, and will create a link to your own email address. Sorry, we cannot offer anonymity or mailboxes.


Here's the first "looking for" and although the story is somewhat sad, at least it has a successful outcome to the question. Our secretary, Nick Williams, received an email from a Mr Ray Millard in Bridgwater. 


Dear Sir, I wonder if you could help me, please find out further information regarding the above person who it is believed to have been a pupil at the school. A friend of mine is very interested in family history and would welcome information about Dan.

So far I have been unsuccessful in tracing him in the RAF and I wonder if his name is on the School's Roll of Honour? Thank you very much.

The question came to me to put up on the website. I've a keen interest in Genealogy, especially when crossing over to military aviation and I dug around myself, to no avail. I replied to Ray and asked him a couple of questions about Dan. Ray replied to say that Peter May, who left the School in 1934 and is now 91, had been in contact to say that "Dan" was actually "R H" May, and that he was still keen to learn more about Dan, believing that Dan was an RAF pilot who had died in the WW2, grave unknown. Armed with this new information, I was able to discover that Reginald Hubert May had left the school in 1929 and had indeed joined the RAF. Sadly, he had indeed been posted as Killed In Action on 3rd September 1941. He and his Wellington crew, of 214 (FMS) Sqn RAF, had crashed into the sea near the French coast, during a mission to Frankfurt. Far from having no known grave, Flt Lt May and several of the crew lie buried in Dunkirk town cemetery, France. Dan was 28. 

If you can add to the story here, please do contact Ray Millard directly.  Spookily, a great-uncle of mine also served in 214 Sqn, and died when his Stirling III crashed shortly after take-off.


This time, the request went directly to the college and Janie Norman there involved the OHA in her search. Dear Staff, I'm in the process of tracing my family tree, and I'm looking for a Bruce Robert Schmidt who went to a Taunton school sometime between WWI and WWII. He was my father. At around this time his family changed their name from Schmidt to Munro-Smith. I wonder if you would be so kind as to check the records and let me know if my father attended Huish back in thos days. He was born in 1911 in Bideford, Devon. Thank you for any help with this. Regards, Allan Munro-Smith Sydney, Australia

Born in 1911 makes Bruce 100 years old this year, and I suspect there is little chance of a successful outcome here -but you never know. If you can shed light, please do email Allan directly.


Here's an email from Geoff Norway - yet again, in Australia. Hello, Would any members of your Association know of, or have memories of, husband and wife teachers Mr & Mrs Rutt who taught at the school in the 1950’s, possibly before then and after. They both taught me (1953 – 1956). Mr Rutt taught mathematics. I believe their names were Cyril and Hilda. I’m interested because I know a possible family connection to Cyril Rutt. Kindest Regards, Geoffrey Norway

Presumably Cyril is "Ginger" Rutt... and if so, I should imagine there are plenty of memories that could be shared with Geoff. Contact him directly, please.KING FOR (3)

Form 2h 1944

Form 2h 1944