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Cookie Policy


New EU cookie law (e-Privacy Directive)

Websites are now required to make visible their cookie policy. OUR cookie policy is very simple. We don't use them. Ever.

If you don't know, a "cookie" is computer jargon for a very small piece of software used by websites. When you visit a website that uses them - and virtually all sites do - the website plonks one of these onto your computer. It gathers a few pieces of information about you and uses that information to "enhance the browsing experience". Generally, the cookie is deleted when you leave the site, but not always.

When you visit the OHA website, I know nothing about your visit and collect no information whatsoever about you. The only time I get
any information is when you give it to me by emailing some information to me. Then, I get the information you send me and you should realise that I also get your email address. I store that address so that I can reply to you, and if I create an article from our correspondance (and so far, I always have) then I will put a link to your email address in that article I create on the website so that other readers can contact you directly.

If you want more information about cookies, or about the Information Commissioners Office and the new law, click here.

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