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MIKE KELLY sent us these three splits of a school photo, and after it appeared on the website, a regular correspondent, GRAHAM BARKER, added further information. The photo is dated March 1960.

Teacher’s names – from left to right are

Mr Roy Smith - maths and games; Major Polly – RE and the School’s Army Cadet Force; Mr Pete Whitton – Latin; Mr frank Cottam – French; Mr “Tex” Keane - English/History, and ran the school’s Air Training Corps Sqn, No 2280;

Graham went on to add "The photo may be of interest to Roger Dainton who has written in on the 1950’s memories page. We were in the same class for a couple of years. If he is who I remember as Roger Dainton, then he is in the top row (6th from the left) in the 1st part of the school photograph. His quiet demeanour , curly hair and glasses earned him the nickname of “Buddy” after the “Crickets” lead singer Buddy Holly. He is close to other class mates in the photograph. In the row immediately in front of him starting from the left are Roy Shepherd, Brian Davidge, Mick Penny, can’t remember the names of the next two, Phil Mounter (a gifted artist), and Geoff (?) Gwyther.

Two to the left (as we look) of Mr Roy Smith is John Branchflower as a pupil, who came back as a Chemistry master in the late 60's.

Masters in this centre photo are : Mr Benetto - Woodwork, nicknamed “Abdul” on account of his beard! Mr Rupert Harewood – English; Mr Reg Allen – English; Mr R J Eele – Latin; Mr George Bennett – Physics, Deputy Head; Mr Dickenson – Geography; Mr “Ginger” Rutt – Chemistry; Lt. Col. Peel-Corbin – Head; M Trevett - French [After 33 years at the school Mr Trevett took early retirement on health grounds and sadly died soon after in 1961] On Mr trevett's left is Mr Bobby Pleass - Physics. Sitting on Mr. Hunt’s left is D.J. (Don) Wedlake who I believe took maths & was an ex-Huish schoolboy. Next left is Mr Bob Branton - chemistry. Mr R.A. Madge was our Art Master (we locked him in the Art cupboard during one lesson)! On his left is Mr. Newhouse (maths — he brought his guitar in and played it to us during one lesson) On his left is Mr. E.G. Broad who taught maths & died in 1961. On his left is Gordon Baker who taught French & geography. He was also Lieutenant Baker under Major Polly in the CCF and in 1980 wrote the book “The History of Huish’s, Taunton” Sitting directly at Lt. Col. Peel-Corbin’s feet is David Hembrow, who went on to swim for Great Britain in the 1968 Olympics in Mexico.

In this third picture, betwen them Mike and Graham reckon that sitting at the left edge (as we view it) is Gordon Baker’s wife Hilda, who taught Geography & Art. On her left is Johnny Agrell - General Science and responsible for visiting primary schools. On Johnny’s left is Mrs Haworth who taught English. Graham and a couple of other boys from school "did some weekend gardening work for her (I think the pay was 2 shillings an hour!) at a rather large “Manor House” - I think it may have been “Poundisford Lodge” just past Trull" Next is Mr Rolf Junker, PE Master and then Mr Duke, who was also in charge of the ATC as their Flight Lieutenant.

Identified boys in the third picture, 2nd row from the top are : starting from the right A.B.Lucking, R.F.Jenkins & then Graham himself.


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